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Sailman 4000Bainbridge Logo Full Batten System


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Boats from 26 to 33 ft. Up to 35 sq metres.

Boats from 26 to 40ft. Up to 46sq metres

Boats from 26 to 43ft. Up to 55sq metres

The 4000 version of the Sailman concept proves that it is possible to have
a well thought out efficient and highly engineered in-mast system that is
also affordable. Sailman 4000's pedigree guarantees that it is easy to
install, use and maintain. It is ideal for most modern internal track masts
on boats up to 43ft (13m) and comprises; low friction mast sliders, robust
batten boxes and a range of specially designed battens.

Bainbridge also provides a Sailman 3000 System for boats less than 34 feet
and a 5000 system for boats up to 56 feet. The above chart is for the sail-
man 4000. Find the type of sail that you are purchasing. Note the sizes on
the above chart. If your vessel fits the chart, use the 4000. If your
vessel is smaller than the sizes shown, use the 3000. If your vessel is
larger than the sizes shown, use the 5000.

Please note that you can fit any full batten mainsail system that you like.
The batcars or bat boxes or Batten tensioners, all refer to the luff batten
stop mechanism. The batten fits into these cars and can have its tension
adjusted to how you wish to use the sail. The batten boxes provide the
tension on the batten.

Batten boxes attach through the sail with bolts or screws. They clamp the
sail material into the box. The tensioners shown below have a removable
cover. Bainbridge makes different covers for different types of battens. At
Lam Sails, we provide the batten pockets and the customer installs his own
desired battens and tensioners. When we send you the sail drawings from the
sail computer, the lengths of the battens will be displayed. Customers can
then purchase the battens and batten tensioners that they require. If you
already have a full batten main, you can remove the tensioners and battens
from your old sail and install them in your new sail.

Generally, sliders between the bat cars/tensioners are not
required. If you wish sliders between the batcars, please advise
this on your order. Normally the luff of the sail is made with
double luff tape. A luff cord is not installed unless requested by
the customer. These options do not effect the price in any
significant manner. Simply let us know how you would like your
sail made or let us produce the sail as we normally would.

Sailman3000 Sail Sliders for Bainbridge Sailman 3000
full batten mainsail system


Beautifully moulded from an advanced low friction plastic, Sailman
3000 slides are available in seven different designs to suit most
modern mast sections. Reinforced with glass fibre and impregnated
with PTFE, the high compression loads generated by full battens are
transferred directly to the aft face of the mast through the
integrated compression pad. The compact design ensures low stack
height and easy loading through the feeding gate while the super
strong, all stainless strap linkage allows full rotation of the
batten box.

Sailman4000 Sail Sliders for Bainbridge Sailman 4000
full batten mainsail system


Sailman sliders are available with a variety of interchangeable
slugs designed to run in most modern masts. All moulded parts
utilise the latest plastic technology to combine low friction
operation, durability and strength. In addition all slugs benefit
from a stainless steel plate inserted during the moulding process.

Sailman5000 Sail Sliders for Bainbridge Sailman 5000 full
batten mainsail system

Sailman 5000 sliders are designed to be used with track supplied
by Bainbridge. Unlike many systems that ‘borrow’ track designed
for tension only mainsheet applications Sailman 5000 has been
specifically designed for the varying compression, tension and
torsion loads created by full battens. With an optimised slide/track
interface and close manufacturing tolerance, friction during hoists
and drops is far lower than slug based in-mast systems. Slider cars
incorporate a unique combination of engineering features such as
captive pin retaining clips and easy to change low friction bearing
rods. Intermediate cars are also available with a unique quick
release system for easy sail removal.

Sailmansmall2.GIF (1185 bytes) BATTENS
Full Length Mainsail battens

     These  battens have been  specifically  designed  to  maximise  the
performance of the Sailman system. Available in a logical
progression of stiffness they enable your Sailmaker to select
precisely the right batten profile for your sail design shape. Used
with the Sailman batten box adjustment system they allow accurate
control of sail shape/camber.

Flat mainsail battens

  Designed specifically for full battened sails.  Larger sizes    
feature a unique profile to maximise stiffness and are
manufactured from tough vinylester. Super smooth finish to
prevent splintering. High stiffness/weight ratio. Logical
and sequential stiffness options based on common 30mm width.


         Sailman batten boxes are easy to attach  to  a  sail  and  connect  to
the mast slide using a unique quick release system that makes removing
the sail from the mast an easy, single handed operation. The box
rotates and lays flat on the boom when the sail is lowered. A range of
batten covers accommodate most types of battens. When used in
conjunction with Sailman or other 30mm wide battens, full tension
adjustment is also provided.

In most cases the batten tensioner sits on top of the batten pocket
where it is well reinforced. The Buyer has to mark the tensioner bolt
holes carefully. To install the tensioner, drill the appropriate holes
and heat seal the hole after it has been drilled. A soldering iron
works well for heat sealing.

sailman 3000 batten car/tensionerBatten Box / Tensioner for Sailman 3000

sailman 4000 batten car/tensionerBatten Box / Tensioner for Sailman 4000

sailman 5000 batten car/tensionerBatten Box / Tensioner for Sailman 5000

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Spring loaded quick release sail attachment system. Integral batten
tension adjustment 30mm wide or Sailman battens. Solid 8 screw and
backplate connection to sail. Interchangeable covers allow use of
round, flat and Sailman battens. Fibre stabilised, high grade materials
with low friction PTFE impregnated slugs and body. All slugs feature
stainless steel inserts for increased strength. Low friction dimpled
wear pads distribute compression loads to the aft face of mast. Fully
articulating, stainless steel joints. Cast stainless steel arm for quick
release connection to the batten box.

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