110 and 115  Genoa Design Notes

Normally a 110 / 115 is not a full hoist sail. It moves the center of effort forward for the wind conditions. If you order a 110 or 115 and do not state the luff length you wish, we will design this sail to proper specifications.

Some sailors that sail in windy conditions and use roller furlers, prefer a "full hoist" 110 that uses the full foil length of their furler for the luff length. We would then compensate the clew location to adjust for this design change. A full hoist 110 moves the sail plan center of effort more forward than it would normally be with a partial hoist 110, which would then create more lee helm and less pointing ability on the main, as the wind would flow less well on the leeward side of the main.

Our sailmakers normally design for you a 110 with a partial hoist. If you wish, they would be happy to increase the luff length and adjust the balance of the sail accordingly. If ordering a 110, please specify the hoist length you would like.

Correct sail design uses the following formulas as a percentage of the vessel's I measurement;

110 Genoa 84%
120 Genoa 90%
135 Genoa 97%
150 Genoa 100%

In reality, once a roller furler is installed, many sailors set their luff length to be their foil maximum hoist. Which then tends to alter the designers sailplan design specifications.