Our sails are tailored to your vessel like a fine suit. Every aspect of the vessel is incorporated in our designs, whether you are looking for mainsail and/or headsail. All Fareast Sails are custom designed using the latest sail CAD programs. Our sails are not only custom designed, we use premium cloth manufactures such as: Challenge, Contender, dimension-polyant sail cloth. Our sail cloth options cover every facet of cruising and/or racing to ensure the perfect sail for you and your vessel.

Cruising Sails

  • Our Cruising sails are designed for both inshore and offshore applications. 
  • We carry over 10 types of cruising cloths from your economical Dacron to your elite Dacron cloth such as HydraNet. 
  • All sails are CAD designed and tailored to your vessel.
  • We offer sailing hardware from Rutgerson, Selden, and Rostan.
  • Spinnakers can be in Asymmetrical or Symmetrical with 3 colors included
  • We offer Code 0 and Drifter Sails and 3 colors are included
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Racing Sails

  • Our racing sails are designed for sailors who are look for elite performance
    • Our Racing sailcloth comes from Contender and Dimension-Polyant
  • Designs can be made in: Cross, Radial, Load Path, and Membrane styles (depending on cloth materiel)
  • We carry tape membrane carbon with option DP-Lite Skin
  • We offer sailing hardware from Rutgerson, Selden, and Rostan
  • Racing Material that we provide: Carbon (Radial and Membrane tape), Technora-Aramid , PEN, and Polyester 
  • We carry multiple spinnaker cloths from .5oz to 3oz cloths
  • We Provide Code 0 designs with special code 0 cloth from Dimension-Polyant
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One Design Sails

  • We carry over 30 different one-design vessels 
  • Optional Sailmaker signature for class measurement certification
  • We offer a copy service
    • Send us your class sail and we will copy the sail
  • We carry both cruising and racing cloths 
  • Standard features include: Class insignia, Sail numbers, Tell tales, Radial Patches, and Sail Bag
  • Class royalty can be provide upon request 
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Catamaran Sails

  • Catamaran mainsails are designed with large 135% roach 
  • Headsails can be designed with high clew to clear the deck house 
  • Catamaran sail are generally 1oz heavier than mono-hull vessels
  • Usually Catamaran Mainsails required extra hardware do to the size of the roach
    • We can provide round batten holders and headboard for your sail 
  • We offer sailing hardware from Rutgerson, Selden, and Rostan
  • Sails can be radial or cross cut
  • We can provide Square top designs
  • Racing cloth can be quoted for your Catamaran
  • Optional overhead leechlines available
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