Cross Cut, Tri Radial, String (Tape), and Load Patch sails

Head Sail Specifications

Racing Headsail Process

Fareast sails Cross Cut, Radial, String (tape), and Load Path sails are fully customizable and made for sailors who are looking for Elite Performance, along with durability and longevity. We offer Racing sails in Woven, Polyester, Pen, Aramid, Carbon, String (tape), and load path styles. For extra protection we have DP-Lite Skin, and single- or double-sided taffeta.

  • Each sail is assembled in an organized data sheet for you. You will then be able to review the chart and make changes. Once you approve the chart, we draw each sail and we provide you CAD drawing of your sail(s). You can again view and make changes. Once you approve the drawings, we cut your sail. The process is quite easy.
Racing Headsail Design

Fareast Sails Racing sails are built with premium cloth from Challenge, Contender and dimension-polyant cloths. Racing Woven Materials provide 10 to 20% less stretch due to the sail cloth and the efficiency of the panel layout. Polyester styles offer up to 50% less stretch than cross cut. Composites such as carbon, aramid, and spring (tape) styles provide the best stretch resistance, and can be made with lite skin or taffeta.

  • Each headsail is CAD drawn and presented to you before production
  • Every Racing Sail are designed with 3 step zig stitched (triple stitching) and Radial Patches standard
  • Headsails can be designed with partial and/or full battens, or batten-less. Battens pockets can be vertical or horizontal depend on the sail.
  • Mainsail Options include: Overhead leechlines, Foam Luff, Rope Luff, UV protection in Sunbrella or Weathermax, reefs, cunningham, UV thread, leather corners numbers and logos.
  • Optional Premium Hardware from: Rutgerson, Selden, and Ronstan
  • Lite Skin and taffeta options are available for extra durability
  • Racing Sails can be made for both Mono and Multi Hull Vessels

Racing Sail Cloth

  • Challenge Sail cloth – Warp Drive, Matrix Weave
  • dimension-polyant – PX, PE, BX, Carbon GPL (available lite skin option), Carbon Sport (available lite skin option) CXI/DXC (with double sided taffeta), Cross Cut Flex, HydraNet Radial
  • 3D Carbon String Sails available with optional DP Lite Skin
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